The spread of Karate-Do on the territory of the former Yugoslavia was closely connected with Taiji Kase Sensei. From the early seventies until 1980 he was the Technical Advisor of the Karate Association of Yugoslavia. It was estimated that at that time Karate-Do was the second most popular sport in the country with almost 300.000 followers. During that period the National team of Yugoslavia was one of the leading in Europe and among the best in the world.

Due to the political changes and wars that followed from 1992 until 1999, the disintegration of Yugoslavia occurred, leading to the existence of five separate autonomous countries. During that time political, economical, and sport embargo was imposed on Serbia. It was in those difficult times that Shotokan Karate-Do Academy of Serbia was born.

Taiji Kase Sensei was the first to break the sport embargo. He dared to come and show his devotion and loyalty to his students. In 1993, along with Sensei Velibor Dimitrijevic and Sensei Dragoslav Bozovic he held a seminar in Nis. It was a pure spectacle. For two days almost 200 karateka attended the course and almost 3000 visitors had a privilege to see a great teacher again after many years. Two years later in 1995 he came again and two courses were held in Nis and in Belgrade.

The Shotokan Karate-Do Academy of Serbia is not a political organization. Following Kase’s Karate-Do concept, the main aim of the Serbian Academy is to educate and develop instructors, while accepting Karate-Do as a Budo martial art and life philosophy.
Members of the Academy vary from instructors to high level competitors, as well as people who have minimal knowledge of karate. But they all share the same passion, which is following the Academy idea as a real challenge to improve.

Normally four to six instructor courses are organized during the year throughout Serbia. Some of them are open courses and others are by invitation only. This is done in order to preserve the high level of training and the instructors’ improvement.
Club courses are organized for all levels and ages in order to spread the idea and concept of Kase Ha Shotokan Ryu Karate-Do. Internal Academy competitions for all levels are organized when required. 



MONTH          DATE                 PLACE                         ORGANIZER

 FEBRUARY     3rd weekend       JAGODINA                Karate club HAI-KEN

 APRIL              2nd weekend      G.MILANOVAC        Karate club TAKOVO

 JUNE               2nd weekend      NOVI SAD                 DOJO Novi Sad

 AUGUST        1st week              VRNJACKA BANJA   Academy

 OCTOBER     4th weekend       KRALJEVO                 Karate club MONAH

 DECEMBER  4th weekend       NIS                              Karate club OMLADINAC